Privacy Policy

Loylty Rewardz Management Private Ltd (hereafter 'Company') is committed to protecting your right to privacy and to safeguard your personal data. For the purposes of this document, the 'service' or 'platform' shall imply 'NRAI' or the website '', used interchangeably unless specified otherwise. The use of 'partners' in this document will imply our network of merchants across the country that provide you with offers. This privacy policy details out the information you give us, information that we collect when you use our service, and what we do with that information.

In case of any disagreement with the contents of Privacy Policy y, you may choose to not use our services. This policy will have regular updates and we encourage you to go through it periodically. Your continued use of our service is an implied acceptance of this privacy policy.

Information that you give us:

Use of your personally identifiable information (PII): During the registration process, you will be required to provide us with your email id, mobile number, first name and last name. An OTP will be send to you to your email id and mobile number. User has to verify the OTP and set up a password. This data is stored securely in our servers, is used expressly for your use of the service, to send you transactional communications such as receipts, and occasionally, to send you marketing communications for some of our top offerings from our network of offline and online partners, including but not limited to Restaurants.

We do not store your card data on any of our servers.

The information you give us during your use of the service is updated as of the time of publishing of this policy. However, to improve your user experience and to provide a better service, we may add new features or categories that may require other data, which will be updated in this document.

Information we collect as you use our service:

To improve your user experience, it is imperative that we collect some other data as mentioned below:

Analytical Data:
To monitor the performance of our user interface 'UI', we track your usage of the service and collect various data points inter alia Device Information (UUID, Phone manufacturer, OS version, mobile network and strength, browser information et al), Location Information (Latitude, Longitude, City, Country et al).

We may also use 'cookies' or 'pixels' to identify your device information and attribution sources, so as to improve our marketing efforts to get you the best deals from our partners.

Log Data:
To monitor the performance of our service and to prevent fraudulent activities, we will store your data (including personal information in SHA1/SHA2/AES encrypted format) on our internal servers for improvement of our services.

Log data collection does not involve storing your financial details such as card data.

How we use the data that you give us or data that we collect while you use our service:

All of the data we collect during your use of the service, is purely used for improving the performance of our service, improving your user experience of our service, or to provide you the best marketing offers from our network of partners. Under no circumstances do we sell your data to any third party, partner or otherwise. In case of any marketing communication received from our partner, the communication is sent through our secure platform. Any third party tools that we utilize are chosen only after a thorough selection process.

Using Analytical Data:
We use various tools for analyzing your usage data on our service. Some of these are internal proprietary tools, but may also include inter alia industry standard services such as Google Analytics, Clevertap and others.

In case of tools such as Clevertap, we may pass your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and Analytical Data to their servers. Clevertap is a GDPR compliant service and you may refer to their privacy policy separately. We use Clevertap to create user funnels to improve your user experience, and to send you personalized notifications.

Using Crash Data:
We use industry standard tools such as Crashlytics by Fabric to monitor crash data. We may also pass Analytical and PII data to them to understand forced and unforced crash behavior, ANRs (Application not responding), and various other errors, to improve our service.

Using PII for transactional purposes:
Your PII will be passed to third party providers of SMS and Email Services, and will be used for transactional purposes of sending you SMS and Email receipts.

Using PII for non-transactional purposes:
Your PII will be passed to third party providers of SMS and Email Services, and will be used to alert you of our new features, new categories, and to communicate relevant partner offers.

Opt out of non-transactional communications:
You may choose to unsubscribe out of our email communications by clicking on the Unsubscribe link in the email received.

Using Log Data:
Like any organization, we use your log data to improve our application performance. For monitoring of our logs, we use both open source and proprietary logging tools. All of your log data is stored internally on our secure servers with a limited access mechanism, on a need to know basis. These tools help us in understanding application errors, downtime, failure rates et al.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change parts of our privacy policy as our usage of your data changes, or if the law regarding usage of your information changes. The changes may not be communicated to you over your standard communication preferences. You are requested to visit this page periodically to ascertain any changes. Your continued usage of the service post any changes is construed as consent and acceptance of the changes.

Contact Us:

If you have queries or concerns regarding this privacy policy, you may reach out to us on:
Email: Write to us at